The story of The Mallows

The story of creating a gourmet product out of the classic marshmallow

Emma bülow , The Mallows, Økologiske skumfiduser med chokolade


Emma Bülow is the daughter of glassblower Pernille Bülow and the sister of the liquorice king Johan Bülow. She comes from a family of entrepreneurs, and since she was very young, she has always known that she wanted to create something that was entirely her own. When she was old enough to work, her mother introduced her to the creative environment at Glastorvet in Svaneke, and there, a little girl with a lot of ideas, dreams, and a go-getter attitude blossomed. For Emma, who grew up in a family that thinks big and creates, it was natural to embark on a project.

The whole idea behind The Mallows originated from Emma’s love for the classic, chewy “flipper.” The small dolphin-shaped candy sold in supermarkets that can be stretched several centimeters before taking a bite. The inspiration from the sweet dolphin sparked the young woman’s thoughts, and at the age of 23, she destroyed several kitchen machines in her attempt to create the first perfect chewy mallows. Subsequently, she started The Mallows company.


At The Mallows, we have an organic and a caramel-filled line. Our organic line consists of six different variants and two limited editions that are replaced several times throughout the year. Our conventional line consists of our Caramel Filled Mallows. Since our inception in 2017, we have prioritized producing mallows in a responsible manner, with consideration for the environment and people.

We carefully select the best natural ingredients and never compromise on quality. This means that we are constantly working to develop exciting new flavors and always trying to make our product even better. Our mallows are “honest and unexpected,” and what sets us apart from the traditional marshmallow is the texture.

Our mallows are” chewier” with a lot of bite. We like it when you have to “chew” your way through the marshmallow and can taste the different layers as you chew. Some of our mallows are coated in organic Belgian chocolate, while others are covered in high-quality luxury chocolate, and some are dusted with sweet berries or sour lemon. So, whether you prefer salty, sour, sweet, or bitter, you are guaranteed to find a variant that matches your taste buds.

At The Mallows, we all share a common vision of providing our customers with a unique and special taste experience. Explore the entire mallows universe and the spectrum of flavor experiences here on our page. Let yourself be inspired, seduced, and enchanted when The Mallows delivers gourmet mallows directly to your door.