The Mallows skumfiduser marshmallows økologisk organic skumfidus


The Mallows are marshmallows that have been infused with the creamy, deep and rich flavor of the flavorful bourbon vanilla from Madagascar.

Our range includes chewy marshmallows coated in real organic chocolate with various natural ingredients without compromising on quality. “Only the best is good enough” to give you an exclusive taste experience.


At The Mallows, we prioritize organic and pure ingredients. We want to consider the environment and ensure that our mallows can be eaten with a clear conscience – with consideration for you, the animals, the plants, and the planet. Our organic assortment consists of 6 varieties and 2 limited editions, which are reimagined several times throughout the year.

We carefully select the best natural ingredients and never compromise on quality. This means that we are always working on developing exciting new flavors and trying to make our product even better. Our mallows are “honest and unexpected,” and what particularly sets us apart from the traditional marshmallow is the texture. Our mallows are” chewier” and have plenty of bite to them. We like that you have to “chew” your way through the marshmallow and that you can taste the different layers as you chew. Some of our mallows are coated with organic Belgian white, dark, or milk chocolate, while others are dusted with either sweet berries or sour lemon. So whether you prefer salty, sour, sweet, or bitter, you will definitely find a variant that matches your taste buds.



All our ingredients are carefully selected, and at The Mallows, we believe that only the best is good enough. This naturally also applies to our chocolate, which is used in most of our products. In our organic line, we use organic Belgian chocolate, which is known to be some of the best chocolate in the world. This is due to the way the cocoa beans are processed, but also because of the ingredients that are used in the process. Together, this results in the purest and most rich flavor in chocolate.

In our caramel-filled line, we use various types of high-quality luxury chocolate, also from Belgium, where they specialize in chocolate development. This complements the inner core of liquid caramel and completes the experience from the inside out.



Our licorice comes from Iran, which has the perfect climate to produce the best flavor in licorice root. We use licorice powder and licorice granules, both of which are 100% organic and carefully selected.



In two of our variants, caramel is a characteristic part of the flavor experience. The caramel adds sweetness and a richer taste to the product. Caramel is included in the Salted Caramel and Coffee & Caramel variants. Our caramel is carefully selected, just like our chocolate – our caramel comes from France, where a family-owned business for several generations has specialized in making the highest quality caramel.

The Mallows Christmas calendar 2022

The Mallows Christmas calendar

The Mallows Christmas Calendar contains 24 doors that are filled with delicious treats made from organic and natural ingredients. The calendar is suitable for both men, women, adults, and children. What makes this calendar special is that it only contains organic and natural ingredients. You will get the taste of a chewy, creamy, deep, and rich flavor of the flavor-packed bourbon vanilla from Madagascar marshmallow that is coated with exclusive Belgian white, dark, or milk chocolate.

A Christmas calendar is the perfect gift that lasts long and creates a cozy atmosphere throughout December. Christmas Eve is only one day, but we love the Christmas spirit so much that we want to turn the whole of December into a magical Christmas month!