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Classic Mallows – Marshmallows without Chocolate

At The Mallows, you will find our reinterpretation of the classic marshmallow. We produce luxury marshmallows with high-quality organic ingredients. At the core of our marshmallow is a rich vanilla mallow, combined with various flavor combinations. At The Mallows, we do not compromise on quality – only the best ingredients are good enough. We offer an exclusive taste experience with the marshmallow at the center.

In our range, you will find different variations of marshmallows. We offer, among other things, marshmallows with chocolate or marshmallows filled with caramel. Our take on the “slightly more classic” marshmallows without chocolate comes in 2 different flavor variants. We add the characteristic flavor by dusting our marshmallows with either a blend of sweet berries or tangy lemon. These combinations create a taste experience that perfectly balances the sour, sweet, and fruity flavors.

High-quality Marshmallows
You can find The Mallows’ marshmallows at various retailers around the country, but you can also buy our marshmallows online. On our webshop, you will find the full range, whether you prefer marshmallows with or without chocolate – or maybe even marshmallows with a liquid caramel center. We also surprise our customers several times throughout the year with limited editions, and it’s always a good idea to stay updated here on the site.

At The Mallows, we have a strong focus on high-quality ingredients and organic products. We produce marshmallows with care for the environment and responsibility for our surroundings. We want our products to be enjoyed with a good conscience. We carefully select the best ingredients and never compromise on quality.

Our marshmallows differ from traditional candy primarily in the marshmallow’s consistency. Our marshmallows have an extra “chewy” sensation because we like a marshmallow with a good bite – that’s exactly what sets us apart. The high quality of ingredients and unique chewy texture make our marshmallows extraordinary.

Classic Mallows
Our Classic Mallows are organic vanilla marshmallows dusted with different flavors. The Mallows’ flavor combinations aim to create an explosion of taste, activating all the senses. You will find our classic marshmallows in the combinations Sour Lemon + Vanilla and Strawberry + Blackcurrant. Both variants have a fantastic, rich flavor, but the choice depends on whether you prefer sour or sweet. Who knows? Maybe you should try them both!