Large 250 pcs + Glascontainer
Refill 250 stk in box
Regular 66 pcs + Glascontainer
X-Large 600 pcs + 2 Glascontainer


Fra: 530,00 kr. Fra: 350,00 kr.

Organic Marshmallows with Exclusive Belgian Chocolate

The Mallows are not just marshmallows but delicious marshmallows, each with its own flavor and class. At The Mallows, we live and breathe to deliver excitement and delight to our customers. Our vision is to create the world’s best organic gourmet marshmallows. It is important for us to create a whole new experience around eating a marshmallow. The new flavor combinations should create a taste explosion, putting all senses to work. It should be a complete experience to eat a marshmallow from The Mallows.

We are very committed to organic, which all our organic products live up to. When a product is produced organically, it means that during production, the greatest possible consideration has been given to the environment. It is pure organic and natural ingredients that have been carefully selected to ensure high quality. If you are curious about the different flavor varieties, explore our marshmallow universe. Be inspired and tempted to find your personal favorite. The Mallows are also the perfect gift idea.